Public Lecture - Commotion in the Ocean

The organisers of Aquatic Noise 2016 conference invite you to attend their public event “Commotion in the Ocean”, held from 8 – 9:30pm on Tuesday 12th July 2016 at the O’Callaghan Alexander Hotel, Fenian Street, off Merrion Square in Dublin.
Many marine animals, from the largest whales to the smallest shrimp, from agile dolphins to commercially important fishes such as cod, depend on sound as an important part of their lives.  Marine mammals and fishes produce sound to communicate with members of their own species, hunt for food, or as a by-product of their daily activities.  These biological sounds combine with physical sounds (such as waves and currents) to create unique “soundscapes,” specific to different aquatic areas.
However, over the past few decades, other sound sources have begun spreading through the ocean from human activities.  These include things such as shipping and marine construction which often incidentally produce underwater noise.  Many other sources intentionally produce noise, for example oil and gas exploration surveys.  This man-made noise has increased in aquatic environments and is now recognised as a chronic form of pollution in many coastal waters. 

In July 2016, an international conference discussing the effects of underwater noise on aquatic life will be held in Dublin (see  Scientists from around the world will spend a week discussing their research on this topic.

And you are invited to attend a public event to learn about the issues being discussed at the conference!  The evening will consist of a series of short talks from renowned scientists specialised in the field of underwater acoustics.  Dr Rebecca Dunlop (University of Queensland) will describe how humpback whales use sound; Dr Anthony Hawkins will talk about sound and fishes; Darlene Ketten (Harvard Medical School and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) will explain aspects of animal hearing; and Dr James Miller (University of Rhode Island) will discuss the issue of underwater noise.  A number of short films (less than 5 minutes in length) will be interspersed with the four talks, giving the audience an overview of the problem of underwater noise from an international perspective. 

The event is open to all ages and is free to attend however pre-registration is essential. To register, please fill in the form below, like us on Facebook (, or follow us on Twitter (@AquaticNoise). 

The public lecture takes place on Tuesday 12th July @ 20h00.

While admission is free, we do need to manage numbers attending so thank you to register via the form below. We would appreciate your answering all questions since the cumulative information will be useful for developing future events of this type.

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