The Programme

1. Technical Programme

We are pleased to present the final draft of the program to include the poster presentations and abstracts.

Please note the following Program Addendum

Program Addendum

Monday, 11 July

14:45     “Masked Hearing in a Beluga Exposed to Container Ship and Pile-Driving Noise from Cook Inlet, Alaska” by Manuel Castellote has been withdrawn.

We will shift the rest of the day 15 minutes forward:

14:45     “Hearing in the Paddle Crab Ovalipes catherus” by Craig Radford
15:00     “Constructing Baleen Whale Audiograms Using Finite-Element Modeling” by Ted Cranford
15:15     Discussion
15:30     Coffee Break
16:00     Coates Presentations

There will be two additional Coates presentations:

No. 66   “Localized Changes in Underwater Noise Produced by the Generator of a Stationary Sailing Vessel” by Claire P. Lusted-Koslowski
No. 69   “Analysis of Submarine Environmental Noise in Laguna de Terminos, Campeche” by Pamela Alejandra Azamar Reyes

Posters Monday-Tuesday

No. 36   “A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis on the Behavioral Responses of Wild Marine Mammals to Man- Made Sounds: Synthesis and Recommendations for the Future” by Catalina Gomez has been withdrawn.

No. 64 “Analysis of the Acoustic, Electric, and Magnetic Background Noise in a High-Activity Area in the Mediterranean Sea” by Antonio Sanchez Garcia will be on display Wed – Fri instead of Mon & Tue.

No. 136 "Relationships of Sound Pressure, Particle Velocity and Acceleration in a Confined Space" by Maria Ceraulo will be on display Mon & Tue instead of Wed – Fri.

No. 155 “Harbor Porpoises in the North Sea: How Offshore Wind Farm Developers Deliver Appropriate, Evidence–Based and Realistic Worst Cases for Cumulative Impact Assessment for Underwater Noise” by Jennifer Learmonth will be on display Mon & Tue instead of Wed – Fri.

Posters Wednesday-Friday

No. 117 “Acoustic Propagation Model Survey for the E&P Industry” by Craig Hamm has been withdrawn.

No. 120 “Sensitivity of Noise Exposure Metrics to Acoustic Modeling Errors and Uncertainties” by Ronald Kessel has been withdrawn.

We apologize to our sponsor Ocean Sonics Ltd. for erroneously listing them as “USA”, where in fact, they are a Canadian company.

The program will include three keynote talks, about 67 oral presentations, three speed talk sessions (with associated posters), and two additional poster sessions. The first speed talk session will be on Monday afternoon and will be the talks for the competition for the award in honor of Rodney Coates.  The assessment criteria for the Coates award will posted shortly.

Please refer to our Presentation Guidelines page for instructions about oral, speed, and poster presentations.  It is very important that all presenters familiarize themselves with this material.

2. Public Session

There will be a public lecture and video night on Tuesday, consisting of a few invited, lay-language presentations on the key themes of the conference and a series of short, contributed videos. All meeting participants will be able to attend of course, but we are also going to advertise the public session widely to encourage attendance by residents of Dublin and surrounding communities and these people will get priority for attendance.

A key feature of the public presentation will be short videos prepared by meeting participants (and we will also invite local students to submit as well).  If you would like to consider doing a video presentation of your research OR an idea about underwater sound, we invite presentations.

Please find the call for submissions for our Short Film Competition here.

3. Social Programme

The conference will commence with a welcome reception on Sunday evening for delegates and accompanying persons. The reception will include live traditional Irish background music.

The conference banquet will be held on Friday night, at Trinity College. We will enjoy live Irish music performed by Deirdre Seaver during dinner.

Prior to our conference banquet, we have arranged for a private viewing of the Book of Kells for all people attending the banquet. The Book of Kells is one of Ireland’s greatest cultural treasures and the world’s most famous medieval manuscript.

A disco night has been organized for Thursday evening at the hotel bar. Entry to this event is free of charge, but everyone pays for their own drinks.

A 5 km fun run, together with a 1 km fun walk, has been organized for early Wednesday morning. The route runs through the old centre of Dublin and along the Liffey River.


















Early Morning




5 km fun run or 1 km fun walk through Dublin






Technical presentations

Technical presentations

Technical presentations

Technical presentations

Technical presentations

Airgun Modelling Workshop



Technical presentations

Technical presentations

Afternoon at leisure

Technical presentations

Technical presentations

Airgun Modelling Workshop


Welcome Reception


Public Lecture & Video Competition


Disco Night

Conference Banquet