We are delighted to announce the following four keynote presentations. In the tradition of our conference series, we have invited keynote speakers from outside of the immediate field of noise impacts on marine fauna as we believe we can learn a lot from related topics such as noise in terrestrial environments where some of the challenges we are facing have already been solved.

Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp: The concept of soundscape from the human and terrestrial perspective

Tim Leighton: If you can’t hear it, it can’t harm you? Ultrasound impacts on humans

Georg Klump: Acoustic ecology in terrestrial mammals

Jill Lewandowski: Harmony and discord in international regulation of underwater noise

As in previous years, the programme will be structured around the following general themes and abstracts are invited for any of the below themes.

  1. General underwater acoustics (sound sources and characteristics, soundscapes, sound propagation, tank and aquarium acoustics)
  2. Animal sound production and use of sound by animals
  3. Acoustic ecology, communication space
  4. Hearing, masked hearing, impaired hearing (TTS and PTS)
  5. Behavioural responses to sound
  6. Other individual, cumulative, population-level, ecosystem or long-term effects
  7. Regulation and management of sound
  8. Hot topics in aquatic bioacoustics (particle motion, standards, ocean-basin-scale observatories, etc.)