Publication Information for AN2019

AN2019 is pleased to announce papers presented at the meeting may be submitted for publication in one of two journals of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA).  Publication in one of these journals is required for anyone receiving any level of funding to participate in the meeting (including registration).  Others are invited to submit papers to be part of special issues devoted to this meeting.

Authors may submit to The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA), the world’s leading peer-reviewed publication on all aspects of acoustics.  Alternatively, authors may submit papers to the Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics (POMA), a journal for shorter or preliminary work.

Papers for POMA may only be for work presented at the meeting.  Papers for the JASA special issue can be other work as well as work presented at the meeting, as long as the work focuses on topics of the meeting.

Note the following information:

  • Deadline for submission is November 30, 2019 for both JASA and POMA. There are no exceptions allowed for these dates.
  • Papers will be published as soon as possible after acceptance and any editing and review of proofs by the authors.
    • Accepted papers for POMA will go online and be listed as part of the special POMA issue (volume 37)
    • Accepted papers for JASA will be published in the next available regular issue of the journal. After all papers for the special issue have been published, they will all be listed in a special collection site, with an introduction of the issue. For example, see:
  • Submit via the online submission system, Editorial Manager for JASA or POMA (see following for details).
  • Authors must follow full instructions for submission to each journal and will undergo the review expected for each journal.
  • There is no cost to authors for publication in POMA. For JASA, there are no mandatory page charges (even if an article exceeds 12 print pages). However, for JASA, if authors choose to have color figures in print (color online with black&white in print is free), then they are responsible for print color charges.
  • POMA articles are online and open access.
  • JASA articles for this special issue will be in print and online and will be freely available online for 1 year.


  • Submit articles at URL:
    • As part of the submission steps, please select “Special Issue Article” as the article type and the section/category “SPECIAL ISSUE ON THE EFFECTS OF NOISE ON AQUATIC LIFE” to identify your submission for the Special Issue
  • In the manuscript file, and before the abstract, please include the following: “This paper is part of a special issue on The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life.”
  • If the paper was presented at AN-2019 (oral or poster), include the following statement at the start of your acknowledgements section, “This paper was presented at the fifth International Meeting on The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life held in Den Haag, July 2019.
  • Be sure to format papers for submission to JASA
  • The papers will undergo full peer review.
  • If papers, after peer review, are not acceptable to JASA, authors of papers presented at AN2019 will be invited to submit them to POMA (this is required for anyone who has received funding from AN2019).
  • Additional information about the special issue of JASA is at:


  • Submit articles at URL:
  • When asked for special issues, indicate The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life.
  • Papers for POMA are submitted camera-ready. Be sure to follow all instructions on the POMA website.