The effects of Noise on Aquatic Noise






Workshop on

International Harmonisation of Approaches to Define Underwater Noise Exposure Criteria

Saturday 17th August, 2013 at the Corinthia Hotel, Budapest, Hungary

The IMARES Workshop is now closed to further participation. Anyone wanting to get on the wait list should contact [email protected]

This workshop will take place the day following the 3rd International Conference on the Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life (AN2013) in the conference hotel.  There is no fee to attend the workshop. However you must register your interest to attend (see below) and any costs such as additional accommodation, are at your own expense. 

The potential negative effects of high levels of underwater sound on marine life have been identified and acknowledged, and this issue has been incorporated in various international agreements over the past decade. Several countries have already issued regulation to limit the incidence and level of anthropogenic noise in the oceans. The development of regulations of noise exposure in marine environments has, to date, focused on two groups - marine mammals and fishes. In the absence of sufficient data and a comprehensive understanding of all relevant dose-response functions, existing regulations are based on extrapolation from the limited amount of available data, expert judgement, precautionary approach or a mix thereof.

Nevertheless, our understanding of the complexity of acoustic and behavioural effects improves rapidly. And,  in light of new data that will certainly also be presented at the AN2013 conference in Budapest, it may be possible to take the existing noise exposure criteria a step further. More importantly, new regulation, or at least the approaches taken, could be internationally harmonized to provide a better protection of the marine fauna.

This workshop aims to provide:

Questions to be addressed: What progress has been made since Southall et al. 2007 (for marine mammals) and for other taxa? How can recent findings be implemented? What needs to be done next (prioritization)?

Questions to be addressed: What are the differences between current approaches in different countries? What is the rationale behind the national approaches? Are there possibilities and willingness for harmonization?

The workshop will build on the AN2013 panel discussion on Friday morning (16th August) and provide a platform for in-depth discussions of the scientific and regulatory aspects. The Workshop is directed at researchers and regulators, but is open to all interested parties. Keynote speakers will be invited to provide a picture of the present state of science, but relevant additional contributions are welcome.

Convenor:   René Dekeling (Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, The Netherlands
EU working group TSG noise)

Organisers:       Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, The Netherlands
IMARES Wageningen UR & TNO (The Netherlands)
Contact for more information:     Klaus Lucke, [email protected], +31 317 487470
Location:     Corinthia Hotel (conference hotel of AN2013)
Date:          Saturday, 17th August 2013, 09:00 – 16:30
Coffee and Lunch will be provided.

In order to get more information about the Workshop, please visit the AN2013 website ( and follow the links to the IMARES-TNO page.  To register, follow the AN2013 link to their registration page and fill out the required information. During registration you will be asked if you wish to attend the Workshop. Be sure to indicate your interest in attendance.

If you have already registered for AN2013 please go back into your registration page and find the place to indicate your attendance at the Workshop and make note of this there. You can also extend your hotel reservation (if you have made reservations already) to include extra nights to attend the Workshop.

If you only wish to attend the Workshop and not attend AN2013 you cannot do this through the AN2013 web site. Instead, please contact Klaus Lucke directly on email: [email protected], or telephone: +31 317 487470. Klaus will take your reservation and direct you to someone who will be able to help with hotel accommodations if you need them.

If you wish to present a paper at the workshop (only oral presentations, and no presentations that were made at AN2013) please directly contact Klaus Lucke by email.