The effects of Noise on Aquatic Noise






Publication Information

All presentations from the meeting will be prepared as chapters for a book, tentatively entitled “Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life II,” that will be published by Springer in early 2014. All authors must submit their chapters by August 1, 2013 (11:59 pm local time) via our Omnipress site (submission extensions are not possible). Chapters not submitted by then will not appear in the book, and the presentation will be removed from the meeting. There can be no extra time for submission. If FIRST authors have not received their codes to submit their MS please contact Dr. Popper immediately. 

An annotated example of how to prepare your MS can be found HERE.  More specific instructions, which elaborate on some points in the draft MS, are available HERE. In addition, the required copyright release form can be downloaded from HERE. Only the corresponding author needs to sign this

The example MS is in correct format for the publication and which has comments to show you important points. It is imperative that you follow our instructions for your MS since we will have minimal copy editing for the chapters and we want them to be easy to edit and type set.

Some additional notes, based on the letter sent out to FIRST AUTHORS from Omnipress are as follows:

While submission is required by August 1, we also realize that some authors will want to make small revisions of their papers after the meeting. Thus, we will reopen the site to those who submitted papers shortly after the meeting (dates to be decided) for about two weeks. After that, the papers will be “closed” and submitted for copy editing and publication.

Finally, if you discover that you are not able to attend the meeting for some reason we would still be pleased to have your paper in the published volume if it is submitted by August 1.

If you have any questions about the program or presentations please contact either Art Popper or Tony Hawkins.  (If you have questions about registration and related things please contact our colleagues at Venues as per the web page.)