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Optional Tours

A number of optional tours have been arranged for your enjoyment.

Please note that as places for tours are limited, we recommend you sign up now or as soon as possible. The likelihood of having tickets available for the tours at the meeting is small.

Minimum numbers are required for some tours before they can take place.

Half day optional tours on Tuesday 13th August, 2013

Discover the secrets of the Castle District (walking tour)

Duration:       approx. 3 hours
Start:           16:45hrs
Finish:           about 19:45hrs

During our tour you will see the Castle district with its romantic narrow lanes and one-story buildings and its charming Fishermen's Bastion formal Royal Palace. Furthermore we are going to take part on an exclusive visit of the special exhibition of the Military Rock Hospital.

Transfer from Hotel Corinthia to the Holy Trinity Square in the Castle District. Here we are going to visit the Fishermen’s Bastion. While enjoying the magnificent view, a welcome drink will be served.

We continue our tour on the romantic Tárnok Street where many shops offer guests Hungarian handicrafts.

Next stop of the tour is the formal Royal Palace. Our guide explains the history of the building complex, while walking through the courtyards (Only the National Gallery can be visited in the Castle Area which is not included in the tour).

Royal Palace - is the pearl of the southern part of the Castle District. King Bela IV began building his Buda castle in 1247, but the original gothic palace has been rebuilt and completed throughout the centuries creating a unique and harmonic mixture of all architectonic styles up to the 19th century. It was almost completely destroyed in the 1686 battle to recapture Buda from the Turks. In the 18th/19th century it was rebuilt, but in vein: during the Second World War it was almost razed to the ground. In the middle of the 20th century it was again reconstructed according the old architectural plans and today it serves as a complex of museums.

From the Royal Palace we walk to one of the most exciting exhibitions of the Castle District: to the Military Rock Hospital – A secret military underground hospital and bomb-proof shelter, where an guided inside visit takes place! Tour will start with a short movie, followed by the guided tour of the hospital. 

It was unknown (even for the local citizens), and nobody knew where the Iron Gate was leading from the walls of the castle. Some local businessmen started the project right before the Second World War in order to create a safe storage for their goods. To reduce the cost, they used the caves inside the hill. The ongoing project was then taken over by the Government of Budapest. It established an emergency surgery center there by changing the original plans. The hospital was serving 200 people at the same time towards the end of 1943. Today, it was not used as a hospital anymore; it is now working as a new museum where you could see the exhibits of the history of military hospitals.

After the visit transfer back to the hotel by bus.

Tour includes:
- Deluxe coach with fully licensed English speaking guide for up to 3 hours.
- Entrance and welcome drink on the Fishermen’s Bastion
- Entrance and guided tour of the Military Rock Hospital

Admission fee:
* EUR  49.- per person

Half day optional tours on Tuesday 13th August, 2013

Danube River cruise

Duration:       approx. 2,5 hours
Start:           16:45hrs
Finish:           about 19:15hrs

Budapest offers a unique view from the River Danube, from where guests can enjoy the atmosphere of a 2000 years old city and admire the buildings and monuments from both the Middle Ages and from the 20th century at the same time.

An exclusively chartered boat will take you to the Southern end of Budapest - passing by the Gellert Hill, the famous Gellért Bath and Hotel, the Technical University and the Market Hall with the University of Economics. On our way to the North guests will enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire Castle District, the Buda Hills, the Parliament and the Margaret Island.

The excursion includes a round-trip transfer by bus and English speaking guide from the hotel to the pier. Enjoy a 2-hour cruise on your private boat, while sailing between Buda and Pest when a dessert buffet with soft drinks and coffee will be offered.

Tour includes:
- Deluxe coach with fully licensed English speaking guide for up to 3 hours.
- 2-hour cruise on privately chartered boat
- Dessert buffet with soft drinks and coffee

Admission fee:
* EUR  40.- per person

Half day optional tours on Thursday 15th August, 2013

Authentic Hungarian dinner with horse show at the Lazar Equestrian Park

Duration:       approx. 5 hours incl. dinner
Start:           17:30hrs
Finish:           about 22:30hrs

The Lazar Equestrian Parkin Domonyvolgy is located only 35 km from Budapest, in the very heart of the Gödöllö hills - 5 km from the Royal Mansion. This enterprise combines the atmosphere of Hungarian villages with the flavor of a horse farm of European excellence and Hungarian hospitality.

Transfer by bus/guide takes approx. 45 minutes to the Lazar Equestrian Park. Upon arrival at the Equestrian Park guests are offered fresh-made leavened biscuits, palinka (Hungarian brandy) and mineral water. Afterwards guests proceed to the tribune to watch the horse show.

The riders line up and greet the spectators, four-hand driving, pony carriage driving, ox-drawn wagon, humorous show with trained donkey, Hungarian post with eight horses, fun competition with guests (knocking-off bottle using a whip beating the lands woman). At the end of the show guests can ride on horseback, in a carriage, or even on the ox-cart.
Afterwards guests are taken in carriages into Gödöllö's splendid wooded hills. Furthermore they can become familiar with the ancient Hungarian domestic livestock breeds by walking through a Hungarian village yard after the show (puli dog, long-hair sheep, gray oxen, etc. can be seen here). A visit to the stables, where the Lazar's trophies and champion horses can be seen complements the visit.

Afterwards a typical Hungarian 3-course menu will be served, family style dinner with Goulash, mixed plate and dessert. Wine, water and coffee are also served.

During dinner a Gypsy music playing band entertains.
After the program transfer back to the hotel.

Tour includes:
- Deluxe coach with fully licensed English speaking guide during the tour
- Welcome, horse show, carriage ride at the Equestrian Park
- Dinner with drinks
- Gypsy music

Admission fee:
* EUR  74.- per person.

Half day optional tours on Thursday 15th August, 2013

Wine tasting and dinner in the vineyards of Budapest

Duration:       approx. 5,5 hours incl. dinner (3,5 hours without dinner)
Start:           16:30hrs
Finish:           about 22:00hrs (about 20:00hrs without dinner)

Etyek is a settlement with nearly 4,000 inhabitants 26 kms from Budapest on the edge of Zsámbék basin, in the north-eastern part of Fejér county. As a result of centuries-long viticulture, Etyek has recently joined Hungary's historic wine-districts. The Törley champagne of Budafok and the more and more popular wines of Etyek are made from the grapes grown on an area of almost 800 ha.

Transfer from Budapest to Etyek takes about 45 minutes.
Upon arrival at the private winery guests will be offered a welcome wine and pogatscha – salty scones to the guests. Then the wine maker introduces himself and guides our guest through the area.

Taking part in the wine tour program guests will have the possibility to learn more about the history of Etyek wine region, the Hungarian traditions related wine and also to get an insight of the whole cellar interior being introduced to the grape elaborating and wine-making technologies.
Afterwards a professional wine tasting takes place, guests are served with 4 types of the house’s quality white wine. Cheese, bread and water will also be served.

After the wine tasting program a traditional Hungarian 3-course menu complemented with Hungarian wines and soft drinks will be served in the winery.

Finishing dinner transfer back to Budapest.

Tour includes:
- Deluxe coach with fully licensed English speaking guide during the tour
- Wine tasting and wine estate visit
- Dinner with drinks

Admission fee:
* EUR  76.- per person for program including dinner.